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Kimberly Olsen 

Thanks for visiting my webpage. Hopefully you haven't just referred to me  on air as him, a common error, due to my voice being not so feminine. Strangely I never get referred to as him on the phone, so it must be a bandwidth thing. Either that or my Heil PR781 is just too good on lower frequencies hihi.

I recently moved from Sydney to Gunnedah and more recently to Bridgman near Singleton. I work in Organisational Transformation. I am also a public speaker and consultant in the field of Diversity and Inclusion and Gender Equity. 

(I prefer to be called Kimberly not Kim. You can call me Kim on CW only)

I used to live on acreage in North QLD and had all the space in the world for a large shack and huge antennas. When I first moved to Sydney, I could not work much HF at all as I had was a small mobile HF antenna that was not allowed to protrude from my semi enclosed balcony.

Despite that I worked CW back to my friends 2000 kilometres away thanks to the height of the building.  I lived in hope that I could change that and get a better setup sometime towards the end of 2016. It took until March 2018 to finally get the space to set up a reasonable shack and a small HF antenna. I started off mainly working 2m and 70cm and some 20m but I did listen to 40m and 80m nets, particularly those from my home town. When conditions allowed I operated 80m CW and sometimes JT65 and FT8 using a homebrew trapped vertical on a 9 meter squidpole strapped to the clothes line. 

I look forward to getting some better antennas now that I have room.

I look forward to getting back to doing SOTA and Parks. I am regional manager for SOTA regions VK2/IL and VK2/SY.

I am a member of the following clubs -

I recently became interested in DMR and look forward to making some contacts via that system. I work long hours and have 3/4 of a full time study load so I do radio when I can.

When I lived on acreage I had a keen interest in AM on 80m and 160m. I love to restore older radios and have a Johnson Viking Ranger II that needs some work along with a Hammarlund HQ170 and a near full FT101E station. I also restore receivers. 

My ham radio website is

I am a very keen blogger

and Tweeter

For some time I also contributed a section to the WIA National News "YLs Around the World" until the misogynistic culture drove me away. Hopefully the new board will one day realise that if they want to attract women, they have to change the culture. In the interim I am planning a podcast (The Ham Chix Podcast). Some years ago I connected with K0STH Christian, I love the style of his podcast, very relaxing to listen to and a very honest representation of the man as Ive know him through our online conversations. Mine will be the intersection of my life, radio and my other hobbies and I hope be of interest to women and girls, so stay tuned. I've had a very interesting life and very broad interests. Some of which includes a life in science and technology, from chemistry to aquaculture and seismology, a period of time in communications and journalism including a stint as a photojournalist in Nicaragua and other parts of Central America. Later in life I ran a 4wd and light vehicle training company and a remote area tour business. I've completed 22 crossings of the Simpson Desert and 9 traverses of the Canning Stock Route among others.

I like to restore all kinds of radios. So far I have restored 3x FT101B and 2 x FT101E, a 1951 Hallicrafters TO Keyer,  a Hammarlund HQ170, a Johnson Viking Ranger II, a 1936 Pilot MW SW Receiver, a 1935 Ultimate AU MW Receiver an Echophone EC-1 and a range of others. 

My current favourite to use is one I did not restore. A Drake TR-4C

Ms Olsen was awarded the Australian Workplace Equality Index Sapphire Inspire Award for her work in Diversity and Inclusion. 

Gnarley Net 3600 CW Daily 0500-0630 local
Darling Downs  Monday
CW Net
Blue Mountains Net 3543 Tuesday 2000