Amateur Radio
VK2KMI Shack

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Screen shot of my RPi HamClock above updates hourly. Sometimes you'll see my editing scripts etc. Reload page to see update
Weather Cam




Icom IC703 HF currently used for SOTA and WWF 
Ameritron AL811 Amplifier
Icom IC706 MkII G mostly for HF for voice and digital
Restored Yaesu FT101E with Scope (currently U/S)
Kenwood TM201A APRS iGate
Kenwood TN-D700 APRS Mobile
Barrett 950 Mobile for VKS737 and RFDS
2 x GME TX4400 UHF CB


1 x Nested Marconi

Clipsal (3 terminal) Straight Key
Czech key
P-3 Iambic Paddle


1 x Mac with OS 10.11.6
1  x Toshiba Laptop for HRD
1 x HP Pavillion laptop running Linux and Xastir (APRS)

1 x RaspberryPi2 running WeeWX
1 x RaspberryPi3 running HamClock
All Wireless Networked

Mac Software

MacLogger DX- Logging and Lots More
Cocoa Modem 2.0- CW RTTY Decoder
CocoaNEC 2.0 Antenna Modelling

DXToolbox OSX- Propogation

PC Software

CQ100 - Internet Ham Radio
- Morse code chat program

AGWPE, AGWUiDigi, AGW Tracker HF to VHF APRS Digi and iGate (Inop)
UISS and Packet Engine Pro for APRS SatGate (Inop)
Ham Radio Deluxe v6 and DM780